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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Been Thinking

I been listening to the ladies on the PH site giving their reasons for and against celebrating Christmas as Christ's birthday.
It amazes me still how much emotion is entangled in a man made tradition.
Now mind, I have nothing against celebrating Christ's birth, I just see no biblical authority to do so, BUT I also see no biblical authority tellimg me not to.
The problem I am finding is of religious origins, not a Bible issue nor a Faith one.
According to one of's definitions of paganism I am a pagan, serving no religion.
What a handle to wear! lol However i would rather be considered a pagan, for not bowing down to men and their traditions, than a Christian who felt they needed to argue over something God did not tell us to argue over or to defend.
I say, it is not my or anyone elses place to judge, or condemn folks for holding any day special. I think I can do a feast and do so to the glory of God, and forget the murmurers who think it is their job to educate me when the Master Teacher has not given any specific commands on the subject.
So merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to those who do not use it as a religious thing, and have a good weekend to those ignore it!


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