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Since I was asked if I blogged I decided to play with it and see what I came up with.This is a collection of my thoughts on a day to day basis. I hope it entertains or enlightens you even a little!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Typical days

My days are not as busy as a mom with young children to care for. Usually I get up at 530 and fix a bite for MJ and Drew before they head off for town. I usually go back to bed after, since I do not go to sleep until midnight or 1, and 4-5 hours sleep just leaves me weary and easily irritated!
When I get up for real, I do my bible study and prayer, take care of the cats, make coffee for Chris and I, and figure out what to do with my day.
Usually it goes like this.
Pc time, listen to my music (Got a fantastic downloaded cd from )
Work on the web site, signing up the over night members, weeding out the spammers and checking posts.
Go work in the kitchen for 15 – 30 minutes.
More pc time, turn on chats if I am up to it, some days I just want to be quiet! (yes me the loud mouth likes to be quiet!)
Work on laundry
Then each day has a job, today its just laundry, but other days have things like sweep the kitchen, dining room or scrub the bathroom.
I wipe the bathroom down everyday.
I clean out my fridge each week, usually on Thursday, it saves me from having science projects in there later!
Then I try to do some crafting, sewing is it this week, I am almost done with all the aprons I have due out! Only 1 more to go!
I do use a lot of time on the Pc updating the message board, keeping tabs on things that are being said and done. Writing is done here too… speaking of which I have some I need to do besides this!
I try to do any site maintenance on the weekends, that way if I mess it up, MJ can fix it!
I need to do some site work this weekend, adding a new page to it!
I usually begin supper prep in the morning, especially if I have bread to make or am using the crock pot! I have finally learned the secret to soft sandwich usable bread, I add 2 eggs midway through the mixing process! Before the kneading but after mi the hot milk in the yeast flour mix.
Well I am going to go work on my kitchen now, I have a major headache so I am moving slowly now! Plus my Pc is going on and off line on its own, very weird so I am gonna run my scans and see what I find out!
Hugs y’all!


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