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Since I was asked if I blogged I decided to play with it and see what I came up with.This is a collection of my thoughts on a day to day basis. I hope it entertains or enlightens you even a little!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just when....

things are rolling along sort of smooth, there is a bump in the road!
This bump was a biggie and no way round it either!
My hard drive crashed, yes I have a lot of pc trouble, this comes from having pcs built by a loving DH out of scrap parts.
So now I am up and running sort of, with a 1 or 2 gig hard drive, with the Linux OS. (Suse 9 for those into such things.) I like it for the most part, it runs faster than any MS OS I have ever used. I like that it combines all the chat programs, though it has issues with yahoo at the moment. I like the background better, since I have not figured out how to put my own in there. I like that it asks me (repeatedly) if i want a site to cookie me.
I do not like that in the chat it can't seem to remember my settings (for example, LARGE type since I am near blind...) I am not really liking its media program either, I can't get my music to play as I tell it to. However, I am thankful that MJ was able to get me an internet usable machine, now to configure the printer to work since I have no disc storage...
In other news of the homestead, Thanksgiving was fun, awesome food and football! We were only 3, but we had fun anyhow! Drew enjoyed his day with his girlfriend's family, and says her grandfather is a blast.
The last week has seen me making gifts for various friends and family. I made MJ and I new stockings to hang, and I am having a blast sewing for folks I care about, each stitch brings me a grin.
Especially since some have no clue something is headed their way from the Prairie Homemaker! LOL I love surprising folks.
The new forum is working wonderfully, and growing by leaps and bounds! over 600 members in just 2 weeks! Now yes we had 900 before, but most of this 600 are new folks that were not members of the old forum!
Well my sewing machine is calling me, so I best get moving! I am having so much fun!
hugs y'all!


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