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Friday, November 11, 2005

I wrote this on Monday...

Nov. 7, 2005
What a weekend!
MJ and I went Friday night and did groceries. Nothing major, I had hoped to find some cheap chocolate to stock up on but no one had any!
Then Saturday he went on to work (yeah OT! LOL) and I was working on the forums and POOF! Suddenly there is a large Turkish flag and some medieval sounding music going on. A sign appeared saying this site hacked by…
I had no clue why they chose my site, but a google of the hacker name showed at least a dozen boards hacked by the same name! From what I gather it is a game, a prank and is not directed at any certain board or person, just exploiting a weakness in the phpbb code.
So we are rebuilding, using different software. The forum is still intact, they didn’t do any real damage other than eating posts, and I got around them by deleting one of the rooms and changing some code back to its previous state. All the posts up to Saturday are gone though, other than the stickied ones, and a few old polls!
Now here is what ticks me off is when I called our host site, the tech informed me they had quit offering the phpbb because of this problem months ago… and that he could not form his perch at the site pc fix it… yet I was able to tinker around with it and fix it myself…
My biggest pet peeve though was since they knew about this problem, why could they not be bothered to send me an email and let ME know so I could change things before I got hacked?

The rebuilding is taking time, but I must say I am overjoyed with the reaction! No one has allowed this to deteriorate their attitudes! All the ladies and gents have been supportive, and thankful that we did not sustain any real damage. Yes a large bit of information was lost, but the first PH board is still up and the majority of recipes and mixes are still there! I am in the process of redoing them and moving them to the new site so when we open it, there will already be a home coming feel to it!
MJ and I did get to go for a nice ride Saturday afternoon though, we too Drew to visit with Em’s family! We didn’t get to stay and visit, being I had a lot of home keeping to do and site rebuilding waiting for me!
Well now its back to the rebuilding and home keeping! Chris is going to mow for us this week, so I get to take some outside breaks too!
Hugs Y’all


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