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Since I was asked if I blogged I decided to play with it and see what I came up with.This is a collection of my thoughts on a day to day basis. I hope it entertains or enlightens you even a little!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

What a glorious day it is today!

It has just a tint of chill in the air, dinner is in the crock pot, and football will soon be on.
This is a day when MJ and I will spend time together watching tv. We don’t really watch a lot of it, but on Sunday afternoons we both sit and visit while we enjoy the games!
Today we will watch the cowboys play. This team has had a rough time over the last several years and many have quit cheering for them. I am hoping they finally have the right mix to at least play decent games now!
Today I get to relax, not much cooking to do, no cleaning or laundry since I did it all yesterday. I even made bread yesterday, though it appears I will need to make even more tomorrow!
Tomorrow the pace picks up as I have declared it “finish undone projects day” and there will still be the usually Monday jobs to do, laundry, baking and such.
Once Monday is done I can begin to work on the fun stuff, the Christmas gifts I have in mind, the new patterns I have gotten and the new material to work on them with! I am really looking forward to a new skirt or 3 and that new old time apron I want to make!
Plus it is time to begin thinking on the baked goods I plan to do for the Christmas holiday, and to begin experimenting with new recipes! I love cooking and this time of year I begin to try new things.
Chris being not in school yet, will be my tester, a job he loves as long as it does not involve nuts!
The swaps on the web site are all set, each person matched with a partner and the card list is sent out. The newsletter will go to the printer and hopefully the mail next Friday, only 4 months late! I am thinking for January, the news letter will be online with a mailed copy available on request… it might be easier on me to get it up on time and others so they don’t have to wait so long!
Well off I go to get the seats ready for football!
Hugs y’all!


  • At 4:23 PM, Blogger Judy said…

    Hey! You're blogging!

    I'll be back often.



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