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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Lets see...

where did I leave off…

The last week has been wild, an emotional roller coaster to say the least.

We did get the lawnmower running, long enough to mow a small section of the front yard. When Drew went to mow again, the oil pan seal had broken and it is now kaput.

The ac is still not running, though it is not so bad, we did get a couple more rolls of screen, just need 2-3 more and we can finish and have all the windows useable! We have decided to start saving for repairs on it next spring instead of scrambling to try and fix it now. Hopefully what ever is wrong with it will not affect the heater, though we do not use that near as much as the ac!

The dryer is also still kaput; I put it on free cycle. MJ does not have the knowledge to fix it and the cash we have is reserved for a special trip, which I will explain in a minute. We have seen several for about $50 advertised and we will see about one later perhaps. I do like hanging the clothes but having wet clothes all over my home is not fun. Perhaps I can talk MJ into getting me a solar dryer, since the winter here is usually mild (now watch us get a 4 day blizzard!)

Well I have got to say, I respect the job the Marines do in war, but on a personal level, the ones I have met lack in many areas.

Chris went for his testing and the Naval Doctors say he does indeed have asthma and that he got it in boot camp. The MRP doctor says that’s impossible. In any case he is being discharged, we have yet to find out if he will get VA care for the problems boot caused. He sounds much better on the phone. He says they have given him meds and prescriptions to help his asthma. I am hoping it is mild like mine, and he can do normal stuff with little thought.

Now the fun part. As soon as the recruiter found out about the discharge he did an about face, he quit trying to help us get info, and basically became rude.

Finally Chris called today, he left San Diego at 530pm CA time and will be in Abilene (the Dallas greyhound hub is closed they said due to the hurricane…) about 10pm tomorrow night. MJ has taken 2 days vacation and we will be there to get our boy! I am glad to be done with the Marines.

We have been working on Chris’s room these last several days, fixing it up, setting up his desk and bed and such. MJ is donating his pc so Chris has one to use immediately. New sheets and pillows have been purchased, shades hung and drapes fixed to block sun. (He has a huge picture window in his room) Papers to file for him to get financial aide for school in January have been procured and will be sent off next week. Do you think we are a little excited to have him back?

I am happy to say we are cooling off a little, average temps are in the low to mid 90s now. (Of course the week the ac died we had temps of 105-107 all week long!) My favorite part of the day is about 10 pm when MJ and I sit out on the front porch and star gaze and talk. Things are so peaceful now, and I finally feel I can rest and begin again to do my daily tasks, knowing my boy is ok and on his way home! I tried to explain to the recruiter, if it was just an attitude he had then he needed to get over it, but since it was physical illness, he needed to come home. They said they view him as one who just quit, regardless of the reason. *sigh* To me that sounds insane. That is ok, God has another plan for Chris, and we will follow it!

I spent today rearranging things so Chris can have a dresser, and my sewing stuff can all go in the dining room. I had some stuff in his closet but I in no way want him to think he is in the way here! I just want him to go to college and get his degree and get a good solid start in life!

OH yes, and we worked out the problems with vonage and our isp. The vonage folks sent us a new box and it works beautifully, the sound is clear and static free. The isp folks bumped our bandwidth, but even though they bumped it to 256 upload, we only upload at 110 -112. So they changed our bill, and left us at the higher service side while charging us the lower rate! Since we do not get even the 128 speed we ought not to have to pay for 256, it is nice when businesses are not so stuck up as to think there is no compromise! We also got cell phones, so we have them to go to Abilene with. It adds to our monthly isp bill, but it is nice to know we have them when we need them!

Well here it is 1 am and MJ is snoozing. I have a hugely busy day tomorrow, but I am so anxious I can’t sleep just yet. On the other hand my energy level is so low I can not get anything done either! So here I sit, typing!

I just got an email about my dryer, and the guy says maybe he can help... Might be nice if we can fix it, though I will still air dry the towels, I like them rough!

Oh and we think we have the Parisienne sold! A neighbor that fixes and sells cars wants it for parts, for $350. That ought to cover our trip nicely, and groceries when we get home too!

I must say I am relieved not to be going to San Diego in November; I would rather be here with my MJ and my boys!


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