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Since I was asked if I blogged I decided to play with it and see what I came up with.This is a collection of my thoughts on a day to day basis. I hope it entertains or enlightens you even a little!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Gooood Morning!

LOL Today has dawned on and off sunny, with a cold wind blowing! It’s delicious!

Yesterday MJ gave me a surprise, well 2 actually. He came home from work, and had taken a buddy home, well he spied a yard sale and saw a beautiful table! He remembered how crowded my chair side table was and so he stopped and got it for me! It is a decently large rectangle table, with 2 shelves and a drawer, all for $4! Solid wood too that matches the paneling in the living room!

Then he surprised me again, by telling me the new to him printer he got with his new to him dell computer was for me! He knows that I am trying to get some genealogy things printed out to file (I have too many pc crashes to trust solely hard drive storage!) and my printer is out of ink, and I am NOT one to spend $35 on something not a NEED. This printer is awesome, it is an all in one, scanner copier printer and we have printed out a pic of my dad to send to a newly found cousin, and it looks just like the original!

Then, for #3! I had found a lady in a local trade paper who fixed sewing machines, and since mine needed fixing I had asked him to take me to her. The trouble is, she lives in Miles, which is near an hour from me! Well she told me what was wrong, and when MJ came home, he looked at the machine. He had had no time to do so this week until yesterday. It turns out she was wrong, and my friend G’s DH, H was right! I still want to learn to time my other machine, which is what it needs, but I am sure there is a way to do it on line or in a book.

MJ found a place where the wire had broken! He soon had it fixed and my machine is running again! Tomorrow, Monday, I will sew the aprons I have to do, and then I can get them sent out toot sweet! I showed him the fabric I need to redo my kitchen, and he didn’t seem too flustered by the 1940s type print, nor the cost, a huge (to me, $1 rack Ruby) cost of $3.96 a yard! I figure I need at least 6 yards, but I plan to buy 10, so I can make hot pads to match and have some left for an apron and quilt scraps. I have a pattern for old fashioned aprons I am dying to use, but I have to get the bought aprons done first!

Well I am about to watch a bible study show for a church I am thinking of trying. It is hard for me to find a church. I am liberal on some things, like music, I prefer accapella but find no biblical demand for it, and yet I am so conservative on others, like dresses and head covers. I find it rare to see a church anymore that is dresses and head covers. And the ones I find that are not accapella only allow women up on stage, which is forbidden by Peter and Paul. So MJ and I are watching this preacher on tv. He is local and MJ and I have friends that go there. He has a good message and definitely a zeal for God. We are studying his words before we go to town to visit.

My allergies were bad last night, trying to turn into a migraine, so MJ took me to the little mom and pop shop for some pepsi. On the way there he surprised me again, by saying he wanted to order pizza from the tiny shop. So we stopped in there and placed our order. It is a nice little place, and I would love to do a date night there! So we ordered and went and got the pepsi, then went back to get the pizza. Well one of the ladies had made one pizza wrong, so we had to wait an extra few minutes. When the brought out our order, they gave us the mistake pizza too! So we got a bonus! Then walking to the van I fell! I am not hurt, just sore today where I jarred my back and shoulder. There was a… lump in the parking lot I did not see in the dark and I did not lift my foot high enough to step over it, so down I went! Thanks goodness MJ was carrying the pizza! I am also thankful my glasses did not fall off or break!

Well I need to get ready to watch. This has been an exciting weekend. I am ready for a somewhat calm day, though with football this afternoon, ya never know!

Hugs y’all!


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