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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Do You ever...

Lately I have been looking back over my life. I have had many jobs over the years, usually to do with child care. One thing I notice in those times. Stress. I just am not cut out to work at home AND in the work place.

As I sit today working on some genealogy stuff, in between loads of laundry, and other cleaning duties, I hear the birds singing, and the chickens next door clucking. I hear the horse down the road neighing. MJ hooked me up a short clothes line on the end of the porch, so I see my clothes fluttering in the breeze as well.

Over the years I have watched when I worked, we had more income but still never enough, our “needs” seemed to grow with our pay, and we were never up to date whether I worked or not.

The boys had more in school difficulties when I was working and not there to deal with teachers. One of Drew’s teachers used to send home homework, but only gave a 0 when it was not turned it. After Drew and I spent hours working through it after I got home from work, if it was turned in, there was no grade for it given. She insisted it was my job to make sure it came home from school, even though I was never there to pick him up. I was very glad when MJ told me to quit that job, it was high stress, and on top of it my health and Drew’s was awful that year, and with the calls form school, the nosey neighbors waiting to catch me when I got home… I was a wreck!

I have done a lot of childcare in my home too, just one or 2 children at a time, since you are not required to have a license to do that. Usually though the parents were low income, and I tried to keep my rates low, so they had a decent, safe place for their children. Unfortunately many of them just built up a debt, and then disappeared. I have trouble saying, “You can not drop Stacy off unless you pay me first” when I know they have no alternative! This last one was a Marine, even though I was assured her “CO” would make her pay the bill, she is now out of state and I did not get paid. So no more childcare for me unless it is an emergency, and temporary!

Over the years we have done with out things many folks take for granted. Credit cards, nope, we use cash. Cable, nope we use an antennae. We only get clothes or shoes when we need them, I personally hate shopping for such things so to me this is a huge benefit!!

Our problems usually came about from trying to keep up with others in our age group. We fell short often. We have learned the hard way over the years the truth of Paul’s statement in Philippians 4:11-12

Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.

God has met our needs and has taught us to distinguish them from our wants. We like Paul have learned to be content with what we have.

I read the posts of the women on my web site and I am in awe at how different our lives are. All strive to be frugal homemakers, but some’s idea of frugal is so different than mine! There is a challenge on having days when you spend no money… I giggle cuz I don’t spend much, maybe 9-10 days a month are spending days for me, where as many others struggle to not spend for 9 or 10 days each month. Of course since the money is not here to spend, I have an advantage! Plus I do not drive our van, it is too big for me, so I only go to town when MJ is off, which is Saturday and Sunday. I miss not driving myself, but why do I NEED to? A second car requires more insurance, more gas, more space and maintenance, plus payments if we do not have cash to buy it with. All that means is we have to cut back on groceries, or retirement, since those are the only variable bills we have, every thing else is pretty well non negotiable!

Well it is time to get back to work; there is more kitchen stuff to do, supper to begin and dusting to finish.

I love these days when its just right out, no ac or heat needed! The sun is out a light breeze blowing, I need to spend some time outside in it all!




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