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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Well it is Wednesday

Well, it’s Wednesday…

I have to admit this week has been hard. To know my son is off 2500 miles away and hurting is bad enough, but to have his co tell me they would call me when he was reevaluated and then not do so is even worse.

I can not stand lying or being lied to.

MJ and I decided that no call just meant he was ok… then we got his next letter. The letter postmarked earlier in the evening of the day he collapsed. I know the job is all mental and that they are supposed to mess with the guys minds to remake them into a unit.

In the back of my mind though is the thought, what if they are wrong and he can’t make it? This is not a thought that will ever be sent to my son though it catches me unaware now and then.

I have reasserted my faith; it got a little bent during this mess. I will put my boy in God’s hands and will work to let God show us what he wants us to do.

I read where the Marines only have a 50% fail rate. It seemed to be a bragging point… so I guess that means my boy has a 50/50 shot. Which ever side he lands on I will be proud of him, he will give it his best, just as he gives his best in everything he does.

Awhile back on my message board there was a disturbance of sorts. A few ladies told me they were being told by their husbands to leave my forum, which is fine. Well I decided that since they had left to submit to the wills of their husbands they would not be returning and so I removed their memberships, I did not ban them, just removed their accounts from the member roles. Well I got a pm from a member saying one had tried to log in and that I ought to post the rules for banning. Then I heard another was surprised her log in was no longer valid. Now I support their wish to honor their husband’s desire for them to move on and find a new place to post. I am not so vain as to think people should only post at my board. However, in looking through the past years posts, these two women have had a sort of an oil and water effect, so I am not sorry they have moved on. I am sad that they choose to go behind their husbands backs to associate where their hubby’s have asked them not to. So my decision is since I know at least one of them wishes to reregister, do I honor her husband or her? Quite frankly I don’t know. I know to honor my husband who did wish at least one of them banned during a previous upset. I do have to wonder, for the one wishing to rejoin, I am not changing the board to fit what she says I should, the moderator that seemed to upset “many” (mind you I heard from 3 that were upset out of 100s) has been promoted and not silenced, why would she wish to return to a site that upset her so badly? I think this will be in limbo for a bit before I decide how to proceed on this one.

I am surrounded by cats! They keep taking over the mouse and key board! They are really my son’s, the one at boot and I think they feel lost and lonesome, as do we all!

Well it is about enough for now, my darling hubby will be on his way home soon, and I need to get freshened up for him.

You all have a blessed afternoon, and if ya think of it, toss in a prayer or to for me and my boy, would ya?




  • At 6:57 AM, Blogger Jenn said…

    *hugs* Mel! Will be praying for you and your family.

    Yes, the cats are lonesome for your son. Give them some extra attention if you can! They also know that you are missing him. That's why they are around you all the time!

    Jenn (aka QueenMommy)


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