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Since I was asked if I blogged I decided to play with it and see what I came up with.This is a collection of my thoughts on a day to day basis. I hope it entertains or enlightens you even a little!

Saturday, September 10, 2005



I finished my oldest sons’ girlfriends’ apron. Next will be curtains and then I change thread and finish another 3 aprons. I have an order in for an “Italian” themed apron. It is proving hard for me to find an Italian theme material that is affordable (I can’t see paying $8 for material to make a $12 apron…).

We go tomorrow to get the brakes fixed on the van and then we will get it inspected! Then it will be totally legal! We dropped the insurance on the “boat” (1983 Pontiac Parisienne) since no one will be using it until oldest son gets his license. Next year we will look for a small car for me, so I can do shopping alone, (being short has a few disadvantages, 1 being it is hard to see out the back and far side windows!) but not until after we get my boy from boot! Nothing comes before that trip.

Tomorrow will be grocery day, I will have flour again! Today we went and I got some oranges and pears and apples. Nothing major, DH wanted milk and some cereal, but I did not have my full list so I did not get anything else. Tomorrow we have to go get stamps too, so we can send my boy more letters next week! I am hoping he is doing better and we are going on the premise of no news is good news. It still rankles that I was lied to, but I will live as long as my boy doesn’t get hurt again!

DH allowed me a bit of fun money this week to bid on some things I have wanted on ebay. I got 2 exercise videos that he says will be interesting! I also got…3 or 4 patterns for dresses and skirts, and aprons. I also got a book that was recommended by a lady on my site called Ellie. Another lady is sending me a copy of Debi Pearls book in exchange for hosting her craft booth. I am very excited as I am very choosy in my books and tend to read the same ones over and over, and now in the space of a month I will have 2 totally new ones!

I have noticed something. When we lived in the big mobile home, and were over paying the rent there, things were very stressful. Money was always tight and nothing ever seemed to go right. When we gave up trying to keep the big house (it was rent to own so no problem turning it back) and moved into this smaller, cozier, simpler home, things changed. First off we were all happier. DH became firmer in his resolve that I not work (other than on my web site and sewing). I began to be a better homemaker, I felt at home at once, the first time I walked in the door here, and 20 minutes later it was ours! True it needs work, but the work is a joy to do! Plus, suddenly after 2 years of losing hours due to no work, DH is working over time, between 8-10 hours a week! So the car is getting fixed, trash service can be started, the house will get repaired and painted, all of this of course can be done on his 40 check, but not as fast! Plus we will save money for the trip to San Diego, and since the van gets much better mileage than the car, we are saving money in many areas!

Next year I can not wait to plant the many seeds kind friends have given me! Plus one friend is sending me tree starts! They are shade trees and I hope to use them on the sides of the front yard to make our home secluded, as if we live in the woods. Another online friend is sending me…Pampas grass starts, I think that’s what she called it. Another has sent me airplane plant starts (we called ‘em spider plants back home!)

Well it is late and we need to be off early tomorrow to get the van fixed. I am so excited! Next we will look at servicing the ac unit, cuz being TX we still have many hot days before we get cooler ones! (To me it never gets truly cold here, and I do miss a bit of snow now and then!)

Hugs y’all, take care



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