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Friday, September 02, 2005

A peek into my life.

We are a basic low income family, living pay check to pay check. We got MJ a car to drive, for $465 and then had to work to get it to pass inspection. Car parts stores no longer sell the light covers for 1983 Pontiac Parisiennes! So MJ made some!

Well things this year have been as tight, we moved out of our large house, after the owner who was financing it upped the payments by $100 suddenly. We now have our little house on the TX prairie. I love it, it felt like home the first day I walked through the door! Plus the payments are even lower than the ones before the raise! AND they include taxes and insurance, where as that was added to the old one!

Well I get off topic. Tonight MJ had just enough money left after mortgage and gas (Wal-Mart card) to get some veggies and rice to add to my freezer meats. We took Drew with us and he found one of his old friends, the son of the man who bought our van. Mike walked up to me and said “HI Mom, umm would you like your van back?” Mike is one of a group of kids that I have adopted and I love him as if he was my own. I stuttered, I sputtered, and finally I asked (knowing we have no extra money just now) “You mean you want to sell it back to us?” Mike says no, we never took it out of your name, we don’t drive it, we have another car, and we can’t afford to insure them both. I said so you want the money back, he says nope, we consider the money rental fees for using it!

We are getting our van back tomorrow! This makes so many things a little easier. First off it gets much better gas mileage than the boat we drive now. It also means that I can use the boat to take Drew to school; no more 6 am drop off times for him. (He will pay gas for these trips) I will also have it on Fridays to do groceries! The biggest thing this changes though is our trip to San Diego to bring Chris home in November or December! We don’t have to pay $250 to rent a car! The van is a 1993, full size van, with a 6 banger engine, it is perfectly drivable for the trip! We know the folks we got it from and they had the dealership do all the maintenance on it! Mike and his dad put new brakes on it about 4 months after buying it! God knew our needs and He once again met them!

On another matter, I have been listening a lot to folks commenting on Katrina and some of the attitudes I see are shocking. I think some folks complain to help them get through the bigger picture which is a lot of folks have a lot of need and most of us are powerless to help.

In any case before I even think of complaining about high gas prices, or anything else I have to consider that, I may not have much, but I am dry, I know where my family is, I have food and water. I can shower at will, and rest in my own bed. My heart aches for those people.
On my web site one or 2 folks are demanding to know why folks didn’t just pack up and leave... kinda hard when you have no money to go anywhere. Not to mention the elderly who probably had no help to get anywhere if they had a place to go. I know for us to leave here, would be close to impossible. We have no savings, and this week can barely afford the mortgage and gas for work. I don't even go to town but 1 or 2 times a week, we just flat can't afford it.
Yes the gas prices will be an added "hardship" here but like in all things, God will only give us what we can handle. (See He even provided a better MPG car!) Eventually things will even out, we will be inconvenienced for weeks, some have lost their whole life, their homes are gone, their families missing, their jobs gone, not just for now but the whole business is just gone, not closed but gone! Whole communities have been wiped out.
I don't think anyone really means to sound "selfish" but the only way to deal with such a HUGE thing is to break it down into tiny bits. Not only gas is going to go up but everything, food, clothes, all of it will be impacted.
One of our members is displaced fortunately they have my number and called; they are ok but will be with out power for 6-8 weeks on their homestead! They haven’t even been able to get back to it yet to see if any of their live stock has survived! The whole area is flooded, and they aren't even
IN LA. I really hope the spirit of the USA regains its footing soon. I am saddened by the trouble being made in an already hurting area. Our President is rising to the occasion and leading as he ought. Our allies are even working to send help! Something I myself did not expect to see. America will rise above this. It is time now for Christians to stand up and show Jesus to the world. Put works out there to show your faith! Be sure to do all things for His glory, so that He may be praised!

Hugs and blessings mel


  • At 12:45 PM, Blogger ~Kayla~ said…

    Mel, I am so with you! I started out complaining about the gas prices, but after seeing and reading and hearing first hand from some of the survivors, I decided I have it MUCH better then alot of them. I walked into the gas station down the road. These guys that work there were PUSHING one of their cars, so that the customers could get gas before them. They are now out og gas at that station for going on 4 days now. I wealked in there last nite and the 3 I deal with the most were all there and I said "Guys, I just want you to know that I love you and your efforts are appreciated. I don't think that there are enough ppl out there commending the gas station attendants, who are being blamed for the gas shortage!



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