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Thursday, September 22, 2005

I am MAD....

No worse I am livid, I am out of sorts and just plain no fun!

Over the last 2 days we have gone round and round with the vonage people, we have worked with our internet people and I have had it! Fortunately vonage finally agreed maybe the problem is in their box. Lucky for them…

Last night we got a call from Chris, he is in MRP but was not originally sent for his difficulty breathing, but because his knees were swollen and painful. Now from what his SDI said he was sending Chris there because he has trouble breathing, NOT because something is now also wrong with his knees! OK so he went in last week for his knees and they iced them down and gave him a sheet of exercises to do to improve things, only it didn’t things got worse. So now the plan is… for him not to bend his knees unless he absolutely has to, until Monday. I can not even begin to explain how I feel about those instructions. Just imagine smoke out of my ears and my face turning purple. He goes to the Naval hospital today for a breathing test (which we are all hoping he fails).

Now for the punch line. His SDI assured us that they would call to let us know where Chris was. Well he only got to call last night because hurricane Rita is headed for Texas and we are set to get part of it. So that is twice his SDI promised to have him call me and twice he did not do so. To top that off, the vonage phone cut out and we could not talk so Chris had to go get permission to call again on the tellular line, which we got vonage to replace because it has a habit of hanging up on us. Pretty bad when your phone choices are unreliable and more unreliable!

I am angry, I miss my son and by now it should be obvious he does not belong there. He even apologized for not wanting to complete boot, saying he hopes we do not think down on him for it. This is what hurts the most, we only let him join in the first place cuz we thought it was what he wanted to do. It tears my heart every time I read his letters or hear his voice and it just gets worse as time goes on.

I am not at all feeling myself, I feel like crying over every little thing, and I am so listless it is not even funny. All I care about is Chris coming home right now, and I won’t even know if he might for at least a week!

Now I KNOW it is all working to God’s plan, and so knowing that, I can only imagine how I would be doing if I did NOT know that.

To add to my bad feelings today is the 5th anniversary of my father’s death. I did not know him well, but he loved me and he loved my boys for the short 6 years we had together.

Well enough whining tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet. I will go busy myself with dishes and forget the cats that are driving me nuts and the Marines who are supposed to be examples of truth justice and the American way, and the phone that doesn’t let me talk to anyone, and I will focus on having good things to give MJ and Drew for supper and dishes to wash instead.

I will also suck down gallons of ice water cuz it is HOT in here (yes the ac went out again!)

Prayers going out for all in the path of this new storm, may God be merciful and shield you all.




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