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Thursday, September 01, 2005

How I got this name

Well I have been asked how I came up with the name of my web site so I decided that might be fun to explore a bit.

Last May (2004) I joined a site called the Hillbilly Housewife. I just adore the sites owner, Miss Maggie. After several months she decided she could not longer maintain the site. She asked me would I take it over. This was the message board only, Miss Maggie still maintains, the home site, Some know the whole story, and it is all past history not worth dredging up again. I said yes I would gladly take it, because it is a resource that many ladies need now days.

Once it became mine, I realized some stuff didn’t fit right. The name, while neat didn’t fit my vision for the site. For one thing, I have worked hard to overcome the negative aspects of being a hillbilly. Then too there was the name housewife. There was one thing my guardian and I agreed on and that was, we were not married to our houses!

So I began to think on a new name, one that would more completely describe what I wanted to encourage and help women to do. Since I live on the Texas Prairie, and love stories of the pioneers who left homes in cities and towns and established farms to begin over again on the prairies of our land, I liked that image.

Then I began thinking, what did these women do once they got to the prairies? They set out making homes. They made homes in wagons, tents, soddies, you name it, where ever shelter could be procured for their families, they were there making a home.

So, the name was born, Prairie Homemaker. Now I had to find a way to describe the purpose of the Prairie Homemaker. Prairie Homemakers stepped out into the unknown of life with a strong Faith that God held them close in the safety of His hands, so that was the first thing it needed to address. Faith, God is not only for church meetings, He is not just for times of trouble, truth Faith will inhabit every corner of a person’s life, it can not be ignored and it will change one in ways that can not be imagined. Often their worship of the Father was done as in days of old, in their home, sometimes with others sometimes with just family. Just as Jesus says, Mat 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. It strikes me as funny now how folks forget this, thinking the only true way to worship is in a special building.

What else did a Prairie Homemaker give thought to in her life? Easy, her family, her husband who worked long hard hours to build a livelihood from the land, which did not always cooperate! Her Children who often did not have a nearby school to attend, and so were taught by her, from the family bible or books she had saved, to read and cipher and write. Along with this they learned to work hard beside their parents, a family was not just a mom and dad supporting the kids, but the whole unit working together to support each other! (Now days a lot of kids think we owe them everything and they need not help their struggling parents at all!)

On top of the care of children there was the feeding of the family. Imagine if you can, having to work with just what you had, not being able to run to the grocer to get milk or bread. Yes some women now days can do this, I unfortunately am still working to become one! She killed and plucked the Sunday supper chicken, dug and cooked her own potatoes. Grew her own medicines! What an amazing store house of information she had to be!

What else did she do for her family? This is where the last bit comes in, Frugality! Then as now it falls to the wife more often than not to stretch the family income. She had to be savvy, and talented! She needed to be able to turn raw materials into clothes, curtains, warm quilts. She had to be able to diagnose illness, and she had to know when she needed help if it became too serious and a doctor must be sought! She had to grow and maintain the vegetables she needed to feed her family year round. She also had to be wise in her purchases of the things she could not grow or make.

What amazes me when reading many of these stories is how, she did all this, in 24 short hours each day, and she didn’t complain! She saw what needed doing and buckled up and did it!

This is what the Prairie Homemaker site is meant to build, women for whom Faith, gives them the strength of character and desire to serve their God in the way He intended, by meeting the needs of her family, and by being a good stewardess of the things her God allows her husband to provide. With out complaining! With out demanding things she does not need. Being a wife her husband can be proud of, one who has his fellow workers seeing the difference Faith makes in a wife! The bible is full of such women, the Proverbs 31 woman, the Titus 2 women and Priscilla, Paul’s good friend. These are our examples, and with God’s help, we can change the world, one family at a time!

Now if you visit the Prairie Homemaker site, you will see scriptures posted, you will see it here too. It is not that we are show offs of our knowledge, or trying to force feed it to you. It is just who we are, and we do what we do because God says to, now if you are going to do as God says, it just makes sense to show where He says it and how it is said. Besides there are many new Christians among our members, and they need to learn how to defend their Faith, and their actions too!

Now it is time for me to be creative for supper!

Hugs y’all, ‘til tomorrow!



  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Meredith said…

    I found your blog...thought you could sneak it past me, did you? :) I never heard the whole story behind Prairie Homemaker before. Thanks for sharing it--look forward to many more posts sharing little bits of Mel's life.



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