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Since I was asked if I blogged I decided to play with it and see what I came up with.This is a collection of my thoughts on a day to day basis. I hope it entertains or enlightens you even a little!

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Busy days

The last couple days have been kinda hard. Though they have had their fun spots, like Thursday evening watching the neighbor’s chicken, well one of them run crazily around my yard! Yesterday one of his goats jumped the fence and was happily munching the weeds in my yard.

Yesterday evening I went and talked to the recruiters. The Staff SGT was there and said he had not been told Chris was again in MRP, he says they may not know anything until Wednesday about his condition, the doctors must make out their reports first.

Today we went to town to pay a bill, and stopped at a $1 a bag yard sale. I got some recyclable kitchen things, a printer (that works perfect and has ink even!) A couple of skirts some new in package candles and I forget what else for the grand sum of $2!

We came home to a dead lawnmower. MJ is going to take it apart tomorrow and see if tinkering will get it running. The dryer also chose tonight to die on us, not sure yet what we can do about that one yet. So far in one eek we lost the AC, the lawnmower and now the dryer.

I did get some good mail though, I got an oak tree! It is about 12 inches tall and we are planting it tomorrow once we figure out where we want it. I also go an ebay purchase, but the lady sent me the wrong order… I emailed her, and I am not upset about it, mistakes happen.

I am feeling better, my loving hubby brought me a pepsi and a snickers home Thursday night to help ease my stress levels! He knows I usually need caffeine or chocolate or both when stress gets high. I am doing better with my goal of not drinking pepsi, though with the fall weather I will have to keep some on hand for allergy attacks. I have been averaging about 3 32 Styrofoam cups of ice water a day this last week, much better than the tea and soda I normally drink!

The evenings are so cool just now we sit on the porch and watch the moonrise.

Today Drew helped move some furniture around. I moved the sewing machine into the dining room, since it is cooler in there during the day hopefully I can do more sewing! Then we moved MJ’s dresser to where the sewing machine was. We brought in the shelf that we found in the shed and made it a head board, to place the fans on so we can sleep at night. Moved stuff around in the dining room so it now holds the table, 4 chairs, corner table, microwave cart, sewing machine and a small shelf to store my fabric and notions on. My file cart where I want to keep my patterns slides under the folded out part of the sewing machine table. It looks a touch crowded, but it all fits and it all functions!

Now I am tired, I am still worried about Chris, but he knows God has a plan for him, it maybe God has chosen the Marines for him, I hope he enjoys his work as a law clerk. Staff SGT told me yesterday if he has asthma they will let him out, but if not they will keep him in, and that he is almost past the hard part, once you “go up north” it is down hill from there. I hope for Chris’ sake he is right! If it is stress only Chris needs to learn to handle it, but if it is actually sickness, then he needs to get out.

On a happier note, my oldest boy, Drew is to be baptized tomorrow! I am glad he has chosen to join God’s people!

Well y’all I am bushed so I am going off to bed! Y’all have an awesome Lord’s Day!




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