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Since I was asked if I blogged I decided to play with it and see what I came up with.This is a collection of my thoughts on a day to day basis. I hope it entertains or enlightens you even a little!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Busy day!

Well Saturday dawned bright and lovely. The temps are cooling now, it only hit 92! Today’s high should be high 80s. I love the cooling weather, though we are not done with our hot days yet.

We left the home place headed for town about 1020. We got to MJ’s buddy’s house around 11 and they began working on the brakes. After bleeding them they still did not work, so buddy used his tools (we really desire an air compressor!) to take off the wheels and discovered in the right rear wheel a broken caliper. So off the “boys” went to the parts store to find a replacement. We were there until 330, and I sat in the shade and read. Then while MJ hooked up the pc we traded for the work, I sat inside and played with his doggies. A gorgeous black lab that I would claim in a heart beat and a very bouncy Chihuahua.

Still no word from Chris, we are taking a no news is good news view, though it is hard and I miss him so! We sent him off a birthday card with some stamps in it. I found out on the Marine Moms site, to only use simple American flag stamps… wish I had known that last week before I sent off 3 letters with flowers…

MJ and I took the van for inspection after doing the brake work, and it did not pass, because… his seat belt did not retract… I am sorry but that is the dumbest rule I have heard of yet! So he and Drew will be working on it today, and putting up the mirror and fixing the passenger front door.

We are deciding if we wish to really keep the boat or sell it, get the radiator and ac fixed in the van, and then follow the original plan to use our taxes to buy me a small car in February. I can not see well in big cars so I never drive either the boat or the van. I like small cars, and since I only go to town once a week to do groceries anyway, I do not need a big one. MJ is tired of doing the shopping with me, and I do save money when I go alone, no chips or sodas make it into my cart that way!

This morning I awoke with a sore face, at 300 am! I can not decide if it is my sinus swelled and putting pressure on my teeth or the other way round. I do have a lot of sinus trouble. My goal is to get some selenium and take it (1 in the morning 1 in the evening) and 3,000 mg vitamin C, cheaper and faster working than a visit to the doc for antibiotics. Plus if it doesn’t wok I can always go to the doc later! If it is the teeth the selenium will work, though I can’t get any today the health food store is closed! If it is sinus the vitamin c will help, but it won’t go away. I will just have to wrestle with it while I wait for the selenium to be available. In the mean time I can take the vitamin c, I keep lots of it on hand!

Well since I got nothing done on the home place yesterday I have to at least do laundry today. Normally the house gets a going over and the laundry gets done on Saturday and on Sunday I read. I do think it is good to have 1 day of rest each week. It recharges the soul and refreshes the mind for the coming week!

MJ has been told to expect 2 hours a day OT all week, he is happy. We are very blessed that he loves his job so much!

Well the washer is calling me so off I go.

I will talk some more tomorrow!




  • At 11:27 AM, Blogger Jenn said…

    Oh goodness Mel! The seatbelt didn't retract! Good grief! I think your idea of selling the boat and fixing what you need to on the van is a good idea!



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