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Since I was asked if I blogged I decided to play with it and see what I came up with.This is a collection of my thoughts on a day to day basis. I hope it entertains or enlightens you even a little!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ah the weekend!


Well today was a nice quiet day. DB#1 was off at his girls house, they were celebrating her brothers girlfriends birthday… make sense?

MJ and I went to town early, got the van an oil change and got groceries.

I had planned to do some sewing today but MJ is sick and not feeling well so I spent most of my time keeping him company.

Tomorrow I hope to get some things done.

No word from DB#2 yet on where he is. I hope we find out something soon!

I wrote the lady who is organizing my family reunion, I can not go this year, hopefully for the next one I can, we might have planned it this year, had the invite not gone to an address that is about 6 years old! Plus now with DB#2 coming home or not being in the air we would not wish to leave home now!

Wow I can not believe it is only 10pm and I am beat, I didn’t even do anything today!


Another quiet day on the homestead. We watched football, the Eagles rocked!

I know TO has a big mouth, but that dude can sure run!

I miss my darling boy when we watch football, he enjoys the game so much! I do hope we get another note soon! It seems he writes on Sundays and we get them on Thursdays, but with him being in the infirmary I do not know what to expect!

Some one on Free Cycle has offered their little brother today. LOL I bet many folks are often tempted to do that!

Tomorrow will be a big day for me, time to get my routines going again! This last week has been mostly a loss, with no real work getting done! An online friend has recommended vinegar to help rid our land of the sticker grass, and so tomorrow I plan to test it on a patch. I did get some roundup, but it would take about $50 worth of it to do what I need done! Plus the vinegar would kill the plants, but not harm the soil incase I want to plant there next spring. Though right now I am planning on making raised beds over the winter.

We are looking at paint samples too, we know we want 2 shades of blue, one for the basic color and 1 for the windows and trim. What I cant decide is do we do a darker blue (the existing color is a grayish blue) for the basic, or stick to the medium blue as it is now, and use the darker for the trim... this is my first inclination. The white, while I understand its ability to not draw sun to the windows, shows dirt much to quickly, and this being farm and ranch country, and me living next to a mini farm, there is a TON of dust in the air, and it looks as if it all landed on my window frames!

Well I am going to go revive an old tradition, when I first left home and moved into a rented room, the homes owner and I always watched football on Sunday after church and then a John Wayne movie in the afternoon. MJ bought me 2 John Wayne movies and one I have never seen all the way through. It is called Angel and the Bad Man, and I have always wanted to see it! Though MJ I think has already begun a Star Gate so I may have to wait!

AAAAAAA pop corn here I come!

Y’all have a lovely afternoon!



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