Thoughts of a Prairie Homemaker

Since I was asked if I blogged I decided to play with it and see what I came up with.This is a collection of my thoughts on a day to day basis. I hope it entertains or enlightens you even a little!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


To Helen, for completing her first sewing project! WTG!!!!
To Meredith, who is preparing for the birth of a darling baby girl!!
To Miss Maggie, one of my bestest friends on the birth of her first grand baby, a girl!!! Go Granny Maggie!
To New Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, for being a decent, solid man. May you have many worth while years on the bench!
To my son who got his first job yesterday! He now will be handling full time college and a job!! OH my!
To my other son, in week 3 of his first job, you are doing well my boy!!!

To President Bush, for making sense in uncertain and confusing times!
MY prayer are with you all, and many more!

Monday, January 23, 2006


Man I keep forgetting to write! LOL
Lots been going on lately, DS#2 is now working with his dad, and DS#1 has begun his 2nd semester of college.
We have begun researching things we need to do for the remodels we need to make.
We need to get the roof looked at; the ac looked at, along with the vent system, and then begin redoing the kitchen, as well as having insulation blown into the attic.
This weekend MJ will begin by replacing the elements in the hot water heater!
Today I spent moving the furniture around in the living room, it looks bigger now!
Lately I have been dealing with some issues on the site. There is one person who seems very interested in the one active guy we have. Some folks are stirring trouble, claiming rudeness where none was.
Then there are the home front things, getting the house ready for remodeling, planning the garden. A loved one going through a serious illness.
One lady said she didn’t understand the difference between Faith and religion. Well religion was created by men in order to manage God, while Faith was given to men so they could worship God.
Well I suppose I ought to go for now, hopefully I will remember to write more often!
Hugs y’all

Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New year!

I hope your new year begins well and just gets better!
I have a lot of plans this year, and i am hoping you all will help me accomplish them!
My main goal is to continue my Bible study.
Then i wish to improve my sewing and knitting skills, and add quilting and crochet to my skill lists!
Next is becoming even more of a do it myself gal, learning home remodeling and repair, along with sewing machine repair!
then there is the gardening to learn... and canning...
Have a safe happy time celebrating!
hugs y'all!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Been Thinking

I been listening to the ladies on the PH site giving their reasons for and against celebrating Christmas as Christ's birthday.
It amazes me still how much emotion is entangled in a man made tradition.
Now mind, I have nothing against celebrating Christ's birth, I just see no biblical authority to do so, BUT I also see no biblical authority tellimg me not to.
The problem I am finding is of religious origins, not a Bible issue nor a Faith one.
According to one of's definitions of paganism I am a pagan, serving no religion.
What a handle to wear! lol However i would rather be considered a pagan, for not bowing down to men and their traditions, than a Christian who felt they needed to argue over something God did not tell us to argue over or to defend.
I say, it is not my or anyone elses place to judge, or condemn folks for holding any day special. I think I can do a feast and do so to the glory of God, and forget the murmurers who think it is their job to educate me when the Master Teacher has not given any specific commands on the subject.
So merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to those who do not use it as a religious thing, and have a good weekend to those ignore it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Well the gifts were mailed last Friday and 3 of the 5 recipients have told me they got them!

In the mean time, 2 unexpected gifts have made their way to my mail box!

And we got an unexpected visit Sunday night, the boys youth group director showed up with a box of goodies for a Christmas supper!

It amazes me often that folks who i do not really know care enough to bless us this way!

this holiday season I have noticed too that I am NOT depressed, missing my mom and dad and other family members. I am happy and content and enjoying my preperations!

Part of this is in no small part due to the wonderful sewing machine i was gifted with from Free cycle a few months ago. I have the best time sewing with it, and thinking and giggling over who I am sewin for and enjoying the new skills I am learning!!

Well i have a few more things to do today so off I go!

y'all have a wonderful day, and iffin I don't see ya before then, MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Email i got today

Hello friends, family, neighbors and colleagues,

Please forgive me if you have already received this.

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday; we were thankful to feast with close friends and more food than any 4 folks could possibly consume. The following day, Friday, November 25th, Dave MacKenzie celebrated his 57th birthday, exactly 2 weeks after finding out what has been causing the back and arm pain that he’s been struggling with for the last few months.

Turns out, Dave has a tumor in his upper left lung which is pressing on the nerves feeding his arm and hand. This kind of tumor is called a “Pancoast” tumor and this one is malignant. But, because of his pain, we caught it before it spread - the problem is localized and we are assured by our good doctors (and by our own intentions) that after treatment, Dave will be back to playing again; he’ll resume his live performance schedule next summer. In the meantime, he has a fight ahead of him and we once again, humbly, request your thoughts and prayers in support of his healing.

Dave started chemotherapy (1x per week) and radiation (5x per week) Monday 11/21; this therapy goes on for 6 weeks. Assuming the tumor shrinks as expected, he’ll have surgery in February. Right now he’s doing well aside from being in pain, but his therapy goes on through the holidays and I suspect it will be challenging...probably no “Christmas Pudding” for Dave, and our usual New Year’s day celebration is going to have to be on hold; we’ll get back at it in 2007.

Please forgive us for notifying you this way; we’ve been trying to do it on the phone, and just haven’t been able to handle it all in between doctor visits. We want you to know that we are very confident that Dave is going to pull through this, and although he is not working right now, I am! We’re trying to keep a schedule that’s as normal as possible; if you need my services, please call.

If you don’t want to be on a list of folks to be kept updated via email regarding Dave’s condition, let me know (don’t be shy; it’s hard for a lot of folks to hear about this). Otherwise, I’ll send a note every couple of weeks or so.

In the meantime, be well and know we love you.

Adie Grey

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just when....

things are rolling along sort of smooth, there is a bump in the road!
This bump was a biggie and no way round it either!
My hard drive crashed, yes I have a lot of pc trouble, this comes from having pcs built by a loving DH out of scrap parts.
So now I am up and running sort of, with a 1 or 2 gig hard drive, with the Linux OS. (Suse 9 for those into such things.) I like it for the most part, it runs faster than any MS OS I have ever used. I like that it combines all the chat programs, though it has issues with yahoo at the moment. I like the background better, since I have not figured out how to put my own in there. I like that it asks me (repeatedly) if i want a site to cookie me.
I do not like that in the chat it can't seem to remember my settings (for example, LARGE type since I am near blind...) I am not really liking its media program either, I can't get my music to play as I tell it to. However, I am thankful that MJ was able to get me an internet usable machine, now to configure the printer to work since I have no disc storage...
In other news of the homestead, Thanksgiving was fun, awesome food and football! We were only 3, but we had fun anyhow! Drew enjoyed his day with his girlfriend's family, and says her grandfather is a blast.
The last week has seen me making gifts for various friends and family. I made MJ and I new stockings to hang, and I am having a blast sewing for folks I care about, each stitch brings me a grin.
Especially since some have no clue something is headed their way from the Prairie Homemaker! LOL I love surprising folks.
The new forum is working wonderfully, and growing by leaps and bounds! over 600 members in just 2 weeks! Now yes we had 900 before, but most of this 600 are new folks that were not members of the old forum!
Well my sewing machine is calling me, so I best get moving! I am having so much fun!
hugs y'all!